Gary Schonman began experimenting with photography more than 50 years ago. During his high school and college years, he spent countless hours shooting 35mm b&w (as well as color transparency) film and then processing his work in basement darkrooms. The New York City area where he came of age in the late 60s and early 70s provided an infinite variety of subjects and themes for nascent photographers like himself.

Gary’s photographic skills are largely self-taught. His “eye” for capturing expressive and interpretive content is attributable in significant part to extensive reading, observing, questioning, and experimenting outside the context of formal training in the fine arts. 

After taking a hiatus for about 20 years to pursue his professional careers in broadcast journalism and law, Gary eventually returned to photography and, about 15 years ago, transitioned to digital. While the technology unquestionably had changed over the preceding two decades, the art of photography and his passion for it had not.

Gary lives in suburban Washington, DC, and currently serves as a Special Counsel with the Federal Communications Commission.  He previously worked as a broadcast journalist with Satellite News Channel, ABC News, and several commercial broadcast stations.   In his spare time, when he is not out with his camera taking photographs or refining the images he has previously captured, Gary provides professional voiceovers for a variety of audio/visual productions.  For more information, visit

Untitled photo

Lake Como, Italy

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